About Us

Meet the cool creators and fantastic friends behind A Knight Out:


Computer wizard by profession, medieval knight on weekends.

Rick has over a decade of role playing experience, and has been performing with the Medieval Tourney since 2017. Remember to cheer for Sir Edmond DuBois!


With degrees in Creative and Professional Writing, Mariah also boasts over 15 years of sewing and crafting experience–you name it; she can make it!


Our fearless leader, the white wolf of downy softness. Dubbed the Medieval Tourney’s faithful mascot, and adored by fair-goers as “the living cloud,” Nora is an energetic, kind-hearted pup who loves playing with children and smaller dogs.

The Medieval Tourney

An entertainment troupe frequenting small Renaissance fairs and other choice events across Minnesota and Wisconsin. They perform unscripted Heavy Combat in real armor. After the Tourney is done, kids of all ages are welcome to stick around and join the fun with Fight the Knight. Visit their Facebook page for more information.