Gods vs Aliens

Gods vs Aliens

Of all the possible outcomes we had planned for this one had never even crossed our minds. We’d had dozens of meetings. All kinds of committees. Think tanks of the most brilliant strategists we could muster. We’d considered every weapon we could throw at them to ensure success. Even had a whole division devoted to biologics in case War of the Worlds had been on to something. As days dragged on and things got worse for us we even began to plan for defeat. Tactical ICBM’s with a nuclear payload didn’t leave a scratch. They could crumple tanks like an empty beer can. Bullets only seemed to irritate them. Every weapon we brought against the Aliens merely delayed the inevitable.

Until THEY came back.

Historians had tried to tell us for decades. That there had to be some truth to the myths and legends. Too many coincidences spanned across too many civilizations. Every people on every continent has their own legends. Their own religions. 

It started in Egypt. Global communication had already become difficult. The infrastructure was still there but the Aliens had some kind of tech that disrupted our signals. So we’d only get snippets here and there when someone could find a place to punch through their blackout. We didn’t believe it at first. Some kind of translation error, maybe a trick of the Aliens to lure us out of hiding. Word was we had started winning. A whole battalion of the enemy swallowed by the desert sand. They had a command ship parked over Cairo along with major cities in every other country. Images started circulating of a column of light, maybe 800 meters in diameter, punching a hole through the ship. 

Wasn’t until we started hearing things out of Asia that we started to believe it. Some kind of serpent in the sky. Thing didn’t have any wings, just seemed to swim around up there as it ripped ships to pieces. We got photos back from our planes doing flyovers in India. Think they call that one Shiva there, Four arms wielding tridents standing as tall as a ten story building with skin blue as the sky. 

The Aliens had thought us defenseless prey. In all honesty we started to agree with them. Neither of us thought our Gods would come to aid us in our hour of doom. We still don’t know the full truth of it all. Can’t say I’m shocked that these Gods are a secretive bunch. Some of them clawed their way from deep underground, others had been hiding as statues sitting in plain sight. We had a few plummet from the sky and they even managed to take down some ships that way. People have been asking why they didn’t help sooner. Before the invasion. We had starvation, war, disease. Wanna know what they said to that? They told us that stuff was our business to take care of. Told us it was our planet and we needed to sort ourselves out. Wasn’t their place to interfere with that. The Aliens on the other hand? The aliens weren’t our fault. They didn’t belong. The Gods said the invaders were “interfering” with humanity.

It’s been nearly a month now, and the war is nearing its end. Gotta admit it was pretty satisfying to see the Gods do to them what the Aliens did to us. It’ll take a lot of time to rebuild but we’re just happy to have the opportunity to do so. 

Nothing will ever be the same.

I’ll never forget seeing a giant of a man riding a six legged horse hurling spears through a spaceship. A Toga clad bodybuilder throwing lightning as lasers rained down on him. Central America had some kind of bird snake shredding armies.

The Gods say they’ll stick around for a while to make sure things are safe. Not sure if that means a few days or a few years. All I do know is humanity has a lot of work to do.