Rain-aissance Season

Rain-aissance Season

Anna Theiler at the Lakes Area Royal Faire, by Nicholas J. Narog Photography

Our first Medieval Tourney of the season was a rainy, rainy affair.

The second annual Lakes Area Royal Faire (LARF), was held at Lions Park in Lindstrom, MN, on Saturday, May 18th. Unfortunately, the 100% chance of precipitation in the Sunday’s forecast, and the resulting swamp and chill, led to the faire’s cancellation the second day, May 19th.

Such a loss in revenue can be hard on a fledgling celebration like this one, considering the costs and commitment involved in setting it up, but we’re hoping for better luck and rekindled optimism in 2020.

It wasn’t all bad news, of course. Our knight in shining armor, Sir DuBois, got to test out his new tent, a 20-foot diameter canvas behemoth which kept us dry and warm on Saturday, between fights and walkabouts. Even without a stove or heater, we decided it was always about ten degrees warmer inside than it was out in the wind.

Many of us were also saved by a LARF newcomer, Nerdy Needles Knitting, who were generous enough to offer a discount on their lovely warm and cozy wares to the knights and their ladies. I’ll be excited to see them around again.

Bonus: Another newcomer, whose name I unfortunately don’t recall, wandered the fair with a place to sit and what appeared to be two humble apples, with which she offered massages to weary travelers. Excellent character, great idea, and I look forward to seeing her again, too!

Our second Medieval Tourney event of the season, two weeks later, also experienced some interesting weather.

The Scottish Highland Games, held in Wauwatosa, WI, on the first Saturday in June, was the first event that Rick and I ever attended as part of the Medieval Tourney group, two years ago. This year, our good Sir DuBois had the realization that he really was a professional entertainer! How cool is that?

It rained on and off during the festival, and we could see lightning crackling on the horizon, but it wasn’t anywhere near as wet as LARF had been. In fact, the rain kept us pleasantly cool and free of sunburn for most of the day. The sun did manage to break free of the cloud cover during the Tourney’s noon-thirty show, an event which brought in a healthy crowd and allowed the knights to test out a new addition to their “fashion show” bit.

Over all, the trip to Wauwatosa ended up being a fun and relaxing excursion. We stayed in a hotel for two nights, which gave us an opportunity to unwind both before and after the festival, and plenty of time to drive back to the Twin Cities on Sunday.

Bonus: Near our hotel, we found a little sandwich shop/ice cream parlor combination eatery called the Chocolate Factory. Somewhat to our dismay, the Chocolate Factory is a small chain that only exists around the Milwaukee, WI, area. They have amazing sandwiches, and delicious ice cream flavors, like their signature chocolate-mint concoction and one called “Kitty Kitty Bang Bang” which contains raspberry cheesecake swirls and oreo cookies.

If you’re ever in the Milwaukee area, it’s best to be there in time for the Highland Games, of course, but we also highly recommended a stop at the Chocolate Factory.

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