Evolution of Style

Evolution of Style

Over the last decade I’ve accumulated various costuming and played various characters. I’ll show off some of my outfits in other articles but in this one I’m going to focus on how my first LARP character evolved. We’ll start off by traveling back to the olden days of 2009 prior to actually going to my first event I was so excited I already started putting together a costume. Here is the first available picture of my costuming:

Everything I’m wearing except my pants were handmade/modified. And none of it survived very long. I believe I even lost that eye patch before I played this character (have no fear I did replace it!). I ended up LARPing for a few months as an NPC before I played this character in that time I made or bought better… everything.

An earlier picture once existed that I can no longer find that was this shirt with unfinished weapons and this Robinhood style hat that I still have because I can’t bring myself to get rid of it:

I soon learned that I had done a terrible job at making my weapons (Thanks Stephen!). But not as terrible as the story I heard of someone wrapping carpet around a metal pipe and wrapping the whole thing in tin foil… ouch.

After a few months NPCing and getting to know some people I upgraded my shirt and weapons to something a bit nicer and in the case of the shirt a bit more ruffled.


At this point I actually had a chance or two to play this character. I didn’t have any armor but I borrowed some (thanks Brent!). I did however have friends.

I know what you’re thinking “Wow those guys sure are cooler than me” but we didn’t care about how much cooler we were than everyone else. We were just pumped to LARP.

The next thing to upgrade to was some actual armor. I actually don’t remember in what order I got my armor but I got it all in a short period of time. I upgraded to some black leather pauldrons and a sort of greaves with a kidney belt (thanks Buhrke!). I also made myself a chain mail shirt out of the largest rings allowable by my game because it was lighter and faster to make than small rings.

      Sometime in between I also dropped the eye patch because it was incredibly impractical. I also upgraded my hood to have an adorable face with button eyes, a nose and ears as well as my hood to have what were intended to look like teeth. I felt like I looked very intimidating. I added and changed various weapons throughout the years as well but the green hilted short swords are still with me (thanks Josh!).

The next big upgrade was to add my emblem to my outfit. The emblem had existed from the beginning and we had small items with it on but this was the first large appearance of it:

This shirt was also made by me as you may have guessed based on the incredibly high quality of craftsmanship. A fun note, the emblem is based on an incredibly hard to find Lego Shield from the old Knights sets. In the second picture you can see I have far to many swords which actually came in handy now and again. The sword I’m holding was a rather large, heavy, but very well padded sword I made myself modeled after a sort of falchion style.

Sometime after this our game had a banquet where our characters could dress nice and fancy to show off cool costuming. So my character got a nice vest for that (thanks Mariah!). I’ve worn it for a few things like renaissance festivals and such. In the picture below I’m actually wearing it at the first ever Ren in the Glen which is how I would eventually come to join Medieval Tourney

Around the same time I upgraded to a nicer lighter sword and a good while later my character learned to use a shield so I made myself one of those. I don’t really have any good pictures of that in action so here they are with some armor that this character never used:

I did use that armor twice when LARPing and it otherwise was one of my starter pieces for Medieval Tourney. Somewhere around this time I also updated my emblem from the old lego design to a new custom one. I also can’t really seem to find pictures of me wearing that though I’ll show it off later for now here it is on a banner I made alongside others made for different groups:

And that’s about where this character has been for a few years. I haven’t played as this character in a while but he’s still around and will likely get dusted off for some future adventures. I don’t think I’ll ever stop pushing the boundary of style while playing him either…