Joining the Tourney

Joining the Tourney

Somewhere around the end of March or early April of 2017 I started talking with a group of guys who I knew through a friend I met while LARPing (Thanks Matt!). These guys had been involved with medieval combat in some form or another for several years but specifically they had started something called Medieval Tourney (previously Fight the Knight). I first saw them perform at the Ren in the Glen festival in 2012 and was itching to join them even back then. Life had other plans and the stars didn’t align until 5 years later when word reached me (special thanks to Christina!) that they were looking for fresh meat… I mean new members.

It felt like an eternity waiting for a response but in actuality it was just a few days. Within a couple of weeks we set a date for me to try out. I grabbed what little functional armor I had, borrowed some loner stuff from them, and jumped into some fights. I got knocked around pretty good and quickly learned this would be nothing like LARP combat but I had a blast. They felt I had the right stuff and with a little work could be a good member of the troupe. That year I went to a few different shows with them. I won some fights, lost a bunch of fights, got heatstroke and sunburn, met some interesting people, spent more time in a car than I liked, and overall had a huge amount of fun.

With the new season approaching I ordered some new armor for myself which I should have before our first show in May. I’m working on redesigning my persona and actually having some heraldry on this year. I can’t wait to get back into the ring with these guys and share with everyone my experience.

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