In The Beginning…

In The Beginning…

If you are here you probably know a little bit about me, or managed to find something on my site that interests you. Either way if you’d like to know a little bit about me and where I’m coming from read on!


Back in the bygone days of schoolyard antics I was one of those kids who picked up a stick and swung it around with the mental image of myself in shining armor. Monster slaying and epic adventures were a staple of my childhood imagination. I think a lot of people can relate to those times. And as you get older and the world of adulthood closes in around you those days seem further and further away. But on the other hand some people like me just go out and find fancier more expensive sticks to swing around.


I grew up in a really small town in the middle of Minnesota. Technically it wasn’t even a town, based on the Settlement Hierarchy I lived in a Village. I was a village boy with dreams of becoming a knight. If you haven’t experienced small town life let me sum it up in one word. Boredom. Unlike in cities or even just decent sized towns there isn’t much to do. Most of the kids my age lived scattered across 50 square miles of farms, forests, and fields. I mostly turned to reading, video games, and television to live vicariously through the characters I found there.


My parents were very supportive of my creativity and interests and I’ll always be thankful for that because it’s one of the things that got me to where I am today. When I was young my Mom brought me to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. A magical place filled with costumes, food, and entertainment. Tragically it was a several hour drive one way so we only ever went the once but it helped keep the dream alive.


For many years I found sporadic outlets for my medieval interests. Never enough to be satisfied with but the right amount to keep me looking. Then one day in ‘08 after watching the movie Role Models I did some digging into what I quickly found to be called LARP or Live Action Roleplay. At this point I was still living in a small town and there was nothing to be found near me. But I would soon be graduating and moving on to bigger and better things. In the summer of ‘09 myself and a few like minded individuals found a Minnesota based chapter of the national LARP called Alliance. Armed with a few comrades, some poorly made weapons, and heap of teenage excitement I started down a path that would change the course of my life.


I’ll detail the experiences of joining the Alliance LARP elsewhere but the short of it is that I found a group of very welcoming people who shared a lot of my interests. It was mind blowing to me. Coming from such a small town to meet such a large group (at least to me) of people who like magic and monsters as much as I did was amazing.


Since then I’ve gotten involved in a few different things such as Heavy Armor combat with a group of great guys, HEMA, and some tabletop Role Playing games. I even branched out into helping to run LARP events and joined an amazing group of people to start our own game in Minnesota called Ventures LARP

I hope you enjoy my continued tales of one village boys journey to becoming a Knight!